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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Upgrading Garment Quality

When an order is made, NotGuilty Press like most other screenprinters will use the Gildan Heavy 5000 tee, Gildan Heavy 18000 sweatshirts, Gildan Heavy 18500 Hoody & Gildan Heavy 18600 zip hoody as standard, if no brand or garment preference is made. These are the top selling blank branded garments in the US and Europe and offer a great low price garment with a good fit and satisfactory quality for most events and small brands. 

However, some choose to upgrade to a thicker garment, or higher quality cotton tee in order to push the quality, reputation, or longevity of their product upwards. 

I've compiled a list in order to explain the most common and recommended blank garment upgrades.

T Shirts 

Usually the first and most common upgrade on t shirts is from Gildan Heavy to the Gildan Ultra cotton 2000. This offers a thicker, heavier woven tee. Most notable and recommended for white tees, it offers less transparency and longer life, and the colours are also notable thicker. You can order a sample Gildan Ultra tee here

Gildan Ultra tees costs 30p per tee extra (Deals can be upgraded by adding the extra fee for selected upgraded item)

Next up, a tee we use for the NotGuilty brand itself, is a French brand called Sol's. The Sol's imperial 11500 These offer a softer feeling cotton, with a better (not so baggy) fit than the Gildans. They have a more premium feel, and are akin to tees sold in the high end clothing stores. You can order a sample Sol's Imperial tee here.

Sol's imperial upgrades cost 50p extra per tee (Deals can be upgraded by adding the extra fee for selected upgraded item)

Some brands may choose the Organic / Eco tees. For this we turn to Continental and their Earth Positive range. We advise you to order samples for yourself and read literature available on their website, as we don't have an in depth knowledge of their collection, as we only use it on rare occasions. You can order one off samples here.

Continental upgrades cost around £1-£3 extra per tee (Deals can be upgraded by adding the extra fee for selected upgraded item)


Usually the first upgrade made from the Gildan Heavy Sweatshirt is to the AWDIS sweatshirt range, while feeling a little thinner, their material holds ink better, and is less prone to shrinking during drying. You can order a sample of the AWDIS Sweatshirt here 

AWDIS sweatshirts cost around £1 extra per sweatshirt. (Average printed price £9.50 per sweater)

Next up, and the Sweater we use for our personal range - the Russell Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt 262m. This sweatshirt offers a high quality feeling product similar to those sold in high end streetwear stores. Smooth feeling exterior and warm interior. You can order a sample of the 262m sweatshirt here.

Russell 262m Sweatshirts are around £3 extra per sweatshirt (Average printed price £11.00 per sweater)

Hooded Tops (Pullover & Zip)

While Gildan heavy hoodies are great quality for the price, you may want to make the jump to a slightly better quality product. We personally use the AWDIS range for hoodies, the JH050 Zoodie (zip) and the JH020 Pullover Street Hoody.  Click the highlighted links to order samples. 

Prices for hoodies vary too much based on order specifics (design, colour, quantity) to give a general price so this should be discussed upon ordering, but are on average around £11-£13 printed.